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 My favorite place in the house is the kitchen and I love my gadgets!  These are some of my favorite must have kitchen tools for your healthy, clean eating lifestyle.

nescoNesco Dehydrator with Jerky Gun  This is the dehydrator that I use.  I love that it comes with the jerky gun.  I make amazing chicken jerky that is a great addition to breakfast or for a snack.  This dehydrator does not have a timer so when I do something that must be timed I have to make sure to set a timer.  Most fruits and vegetables stay in the dehydrator for 12-24 hours so I find it easy to just put it on and let it go overnight.


prestoPresto Dehydrator with Timer – If you prefer a dehydrator with a timer then this one is for you.  It also collapses for easy storage.  I have clients who use this one and love it also.  You will need to buy the jerky maker separate with this one though.


jerky-gunJerky Maker If you get a dehydrator you will want to try to make some jerky.  The Nesco comes with the jerky gun but if you get the Presto you probably want to add in a gun.  This one gives you several options.


A kitchen without a high-speed blender is not a kitchen!  Vitamix is a brand that I use and trust.   I waited years because I thought they were too expensive but once I had one I wished I hadn’t waited so long.  It’s amazing what you can do – make shakes, soup, ice cream, chop, blend, mix, make peanut butters, flours, etc.  The hardest decision is deciding which color to buy!




Vitamix 5300 Black -This 5300 series is all you need to do everything!


vitamix-redVitamix 5300 Red – If you want a touch of color this is a brilliant red and looks great!



crock-potCrock Pot – If you are not using a Crock Pot then you need to start.  Having dinner ready when you get home from work is amazing.  Save time, cook healthy and avoid eating out or eating late.  Check out my many slow cooker recipes.


spiralizerKitchen Aid Spiralizer Attachment – If you are looking for healthy alternatives to pasta and you already own a Kitchen Aid Mixer then this attachment is perfect for your family.  Slips on easily with several choices for peeling and spiralizing vegetables.


spiralizer-handHand Held Spiralizer – If you don’t have a Kitchen Aid or want a less expensive choice this one works great.


mandolin-3Hands Free Mandolin – If you don’t have one of these you are missing out.  I LOVE my mandolin for making sweet potato or zucchini chips or just for slicing tomatoes.  The hands free model is a must to protect your fingers from getting sliced.


cuisinart-central-egg-cookerCuisinart Central Egg Cooker – If you like to make hard-boiled eggs to have on hand like I do then you MUST have one of these in your kitchen.  I absolutely love this and use it every single week.  I put the eggs in the cooker and turn it on.  It takes about 10 minutes for a hard-boiled egg and has a good loud alarm when they are done.  These eggs come out perfect every single time and peel easily.  I’ve tried baking eggs and boiling eggs but I could never figure out how to make an egg that would easily peel until I got this for Christmas one year.  I highly recommend it for every kitchen.


lemonLemon Squeezer – You can spend a lot more on a lemon squeezer but I bought this one and it works great.  I love it!  Since I like to have fresh lemon water every morning and also throughout the day it makes the task of squeezing a bunch of lemons take only minutes.


coffee-frother    PowerLix Milk Frother – If you like frothed milk this little gem is perfect!  I had another brand that worked well also but it didn’t have a stand and it broke because its a bit delicate.  This allows me to keep it standing upright on the counter and allows it to dry like that and is available when I want to froth my milk for my coffee or even for my Tumeric Milk recipe.  


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