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Competition For Weight Loss Success

This is an incredible story about someone who is actually living out their New Year’s Resolution! Julie first came to me at the end of December to join the Biggest Loser Contest at Woodmont. Julie was not exercising or dieting when I met with her. She was in rehab for pulling a muscle in her back so her initial program was modified to strengthen the back and avoid any exercises that would make it worse.

She was healthy with no risk factors but tended towards gaining weight in her abdomen which told me right away that she had issues with blood sugar. Her diet wasn’t too bad but it was too high in hidden sugars, fats and artificial sweeteners. She also worked the night shift at the time and had 3 long nights in which she would have the added challenge of planning meals and snacks for a 3 nights on and 4 days off schedule. Working nights makes any plan very difficult and this would take some huge motivation and dedication on her part to be successful.

Julie was put on a calorie controlled diet that also limited sugar and carbohydrates. She was given instructions to log her food daily online for me to follow. She was also given a specific exercise plan that included 3 days of weight training and 2 days of cardio exercise. All workouts were designed to raise her heart rate into her target zone.

The Biggest Loser Contest lasted for 3 months. At the end of each month the participants were weighed in and the winner would get a prize. Well, Julie won all the prizes! Julie lost 9 lbs the first month; 11 lbs the second month and 8 ½ lbs the third month for a total of 28 ½ lbs in 3 months! That’s an incredible loss! Better yet, Julie told me that she has lost another 7 lbs since the program ended less than a month ago. She still wants to lose another 25 lbs but I don’t see her giving up anytime soon!

One of the other contestants asked Julie during the second month how she was losing the weight and Julie replied, “I’m following the plan that Mary gave me!” And there you go folks! It was as simple as that…she logged her food, did her workouts and lost the weight. Julie logged her food almost 100% of the time and it was 99% perfect every time.

When I asked Julie what helped her to accomplish her goals she told me:
1. I knew I had to lose the weight to avoid future health issues so I was ready to make the commitment
2. Logging the food and being accountable to someone kept me motivated
3. Once I began to do the workouts I loved the way I felt and it made it easy to push harder to accomplish more

Julie is now attending the Saturday HIIT class and she had no trouble at all keeping up with the others who had been doing the class for months. I look forward to following Julie all the way to her goal weight. Congratulations Julie and keep up the good work!

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