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The Woodmont Biggest Loser Contest came to an end on Saturday with the top female winner, Julie Sanday and the top male winner, Giri Iyer.  The overall winner was Julie with a total weight loss of 28 1/2 lbs!  Both contestants received a prize plus a free pass to attend Saturday morning HIIT class for the next session.  In addition, Julie will receive 3 free personal training sessions.  Although everyone worked hard and lost some weight during the contest, both of these contestants really understood that they were changing their lifestyles not going on a “plan”.  Permanent changes in lifestyle gets the weight off and keeps it off because you learn to live with a healthier diet and exercise program than just “going on” it to reach a goal.  I am confident that both Julie and Giri will continue to lose weight and maintain for a lifetime.  Keep your eyes open for Client Spotlights featuring how each of these contestants succeeded.  Congratulations again to Giri and Julie!

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